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Napkin Thought #29: 24 Episodes In 24 Hours

致我们单纯的小美好. Dang you.

So I just binged that entire drama in a day… and now I am roughly twenty-four times more lonely, lovesick, and–ahem– thirsty that I was 24 hours ago. Nothing like an endearingly awkward, lanky, good-looking dude, a squad of ride-or-die comrades who would go through fire and hell for each other, and a classic puppy love that fumbles aggravatingly hard before finally reaching happily-ever-after to get me deep in the feels, endlessly daydreaming, and writing angsty posts.

This is where I was going to get into the details of the show and list some of the cutest parts that made me physically hurt from my singleness, but I also don’t really want to feel lonelier than absolutely necessary, so never mind. Just watch the show. *cries*





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Napkin Thought #28: Era Ended

I never thought I would be so ready to leave.

From the things I have always held loosely in my hand, to even the ones I have branded on my heart and very being– I am so ready to leave.

Though there were countless moments of true joy, laughter, growth, and learning, those moments now seem like dusty, faded dreams that are slipping through my fingers faster and faster as I can only watch helplessly.

I want to look away before they disappear completely.

Is it worth it to keep doing things just for nostalgia’s sake? Is it selfish to want to move on from the things that no longer bring you happiness? Does it show lack of gumption, lack of perserverance, lack of character?

I don’t know the answers to any of those questions. The only thing I do know is I am ready to leave.

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Napkin Thought #27: Seventeen






不知我怎么变了 不知她怎么变了


是一总成长也好 是一总悲哀也好










因为我早已变了 因为你早已变了


是没有缘份也好 是没有感觉也好




因为我早一变了 因为你早以变了


是一段往事也好 是一段感情也好






Lyrics: 陶喆 – 十七岁



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Napkin Thought #26: One

Solid shoulders. Notable biceps. Firm torso. Angular jawline. Athletic build. Quiet voice. Shy smile. Intelligent eyes.

Do you ever just walk through a sea of people, compiling the ripest miscellaneous traits of a few to supplement your idea of the perfect “one” who exists solely in your imagination?

If you do so consciously… you’re weird. But if the process is inadvertently executed and latterly recognized… then, hi hello, nice to meet me!

Despite all my daydreaming and reverie, I know that the “one” will probably turn out nothing like I expected (or rather, hoped for, let’s be real), but that is 100% okay.

Of course, assuming there will be a “one” lol.

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Napkin Thought #22: As The Ephemeral Snow

December 8, 2017. Today is the day my best friend’s dad passed away.

As I stepped out my front door this morning, bundled in my fleece-lined, fur-hooded coat and trusty black combat boots, a magical sight greeted me: Frosted trees, sugar-dusted rooftops, powdery sidewalks. ‘Twas the first snow in eight years. It was as if I had stepped into Narnia– anything seemed possible, and the day itself possessed an enigmatic quality.

Breathing in the clean air and capturing the vignette through my camera lens, I forgot the usual hustle and bustle of Friday mornings– the thought of tardiness not once crossing my mind and the expediency of daily routine diminished. Today was an exception. Today, there was snow.

The snow, soft when sprinkled and firm when packed, stung my fingers with its cold and warmed my heart with its potential. Snow means winter. Snow means Christmas. Snow means singing. Snow means hot chocolate. Snow means cuddles. Snow means reunion. Snow means surprise. Snow means delight.

However, snow, despite all the joy and beauty it bestows on the world, is not meant to last forever– not in Houston, Texas anyways. Here in the morning and gone by the afternoon, Houston snow must be stored in pixels and preserved in memory. It must not be forgotten because it will be a while until we see it again. It must be experienced in all its fullness and appreciated with unhindered expression before the gently beaming sun makes it glimmer, sparkle, and disappear.

December 8, 2017. The first snow in eight years.

From this year onward, every time I see snowflakes floating down from above, I will remember. I will remember him, and I will treasure all the people I love. I will remember that life is short, precious, and meaningful, and I will grab hold of every moment I spend breathing. I will remember that life is joyous and beautiful, and I will preserve every memory that I make.

As the ephemeral snow, life is full of love, delight, joy, magic, and possibility.  As the ephemeral snow, cold and warmth come hand in hand. As the ephemeral snow, we can praise our God even with silence. As the ephemeral snow, called away by the rising sun, we also will one day return home to our Father above. As the ephemeral snow…

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Napkin Thought #21: Well shit

So apparently, he was a fuck boy. Is.

Apparently, he had just gotten out of a thing with my best friend’s sister. Two days before he moved on to me. Apparently, that was a minor detail that I never needed to know. (Thanks bestie, you the real one.)

Apparently, snuggling on his couch when his parents aren’t home is not something he “doesn’t do with just anyone”. Apparently, his mama also needs to burn that couch now.

Apparently, he “has changed and wants to prove himself trustworthy” to me. And I, like an honest idiot, believed him. Apparently, I am not as smart as I thought I was.

Apparently, I deserve to be the girl who gets it right. Apparently, he doesn’t want to be the one that ruins it.

Apparently, that was all bullshit.

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Napkin Thought #20: 满怀期待








我知道 那些夏天



我知道 吹过的牛逼












我知道 那些夏天



我知道 吹过的牛逼




我知道 那些夏天



我知道 这个世界




Lyrics by: 宋冬野